Building works in schools and the 10 tips you need

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Many schools look to plan building work for the year in advance, hoping to get the full advantage of the long breaks that come in to play during Easter, summer and half terms.. Here we offer some key suggestions for those thinking of when to start building.


Whether you are planning minor modifications, or new bespoke education buildings, it is vital that full consideration is given to the safety implications of any building work. This link to  gives some useful insights. Normal safety procedures will need reviewing, and possible amendment.


Think about what materials you want to use in and around the school like for example in the playground you could put some Pallet Racking Ireland products out for children to climb on and learn hand eye coordination whilst playing.   If you contact a company like rackzone pallet racking they will have the support and advice you need to get the right materials for you.

Assess the risks

Building work comes with its own particular hazards. Make sure you have a clear idea of what all the risks are, and how to minimise their threat.

Make a plan

Long before any work starts, put together a plan covering all possible events, and the ones you think couldn’t happen!
Establish good communications

Put in place channels of communication between all interested parties, contractors and builders, project managers, school staff, parents and of course, students. The better everybody understands the process the less will be their frustration.

Check your insurance

The hazards of building work may well require changes to your insurance cover. At the very least, you will need to inform your insurers in case they have requirements to maintain your cover.

Background checking

A school is an environment where you need to be certain of the integrity of people working in it. Appropriate checking of any building workers will need to be undertaken unless you can be certain of complete separation from the students.


The school has valuable items and materials and so indeed do builders. Ensure you have planned for the security of both, even if the normal barriers may be compromised.

A teaching opportunity?

Although building is disruptive it is also exciting, especially if new bespoke education buildings are taking shape. Involve the students in learning about the process.


Clear delineation of responsibilities between the school and the builders should be understood, so that if something does go awry the appropriate action is taken.

Don’t get dirty

Building work is necessarily messy, but the school must continue operation in clean and tidy conditions, so building contractors must be aware of that need.